Sunday, August 1, 2010

Handkerchief Dolls

I was recently asked to help at the Primary Pioneer Day activity.
We made Handkerchief Dolls.
Here are a couple of little pioneers with their dolls!
This young lady is quite a seamstress.

I also 'helped' her at Halloween sew a Trick or Treat bag.
She had no trouble with either project.
She has her own little sewing machine and her Grandma has been teaching her to sew!
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Anonymous said...

You blogged! Wonderful job. Your primary activities are so involved. The girls are even wearing pioneer outfits. I love handkerchief dolls. Why didn't we think of that when we made Pretty Dolly!?
Spoiled modern children.

Anonymous said...

HOW FUN!!! There is no doubt that your ward has the prettiest girls in town! I love to see all of those familiar faces again. Miss you all! WHat a super fun project!