Friday, January 22, 2010

Not my usual modus operandi...

Those in the know....
...Know that I don't usually finish projects...
Unless C2 is involved, or occasionally, C3...

Please NOTE that dolly is wearing finished leggings!
Not only that but they are already in the mail on their way to Little Man! ...Hopefully before he outgrows them!
Watch for a picture of Little Man in these fun leggings soon!

Thank you, Machelle, at, for your help and wonderfully well written pattern! You can find it and more here!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Zen of Knitting?

Perhaps I should begin by saying this is NOT about the Zen of Knitting. I cannot say that I have found Zen...

No, all I find are dropped stitches... and fewer rows than I had three days ago.. See how cute these little leggings are? You can get the pattern here. That is all that is keeping them on the needles. They are so CUTE!

See Mother knit!
See Mother knit with 8 needles!
See Mother drop a stitch.
See Mother try to pick it up.
See Mother rip 13 rows.
Funny, funny Mother!

Perhaps I should have stopped with this one leg. Now, that was cute! Little Man however has two legs. Socks? Maybe I should have just made socks... No, C2 wanted soakers.
BittyBaby was happy with one sock. Why couldn't C2 be happy with just one long sock? I must have spoiled her.