Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Zen of Knitting?

Perhaps I should begin by saying this is NOT about the Zen of Knitting. I cannot say that I have found Zen...

No, all I find are dropped stitches... and fewer rows than I had three days ago.. See how cute these little leggings are? You can get the pattern here. That is all that is keeping them on the needles. They are so CUTE!

See Mother knit!
See Mother knit with 8 needles!
See Mother drop a stitch.
See Mother try to pick it up.
See Mother rip 13 rows.
Funny, funny Mother!

Perhaps I should have stopped with this one leg. Now, that was cute! Little Man however has two legs. Socks? Maybe I should have just made socks... No, C2 wanted soakers.
BittyBaby was happy with one sock. Why couldn't C2 be happy with just one long sock? I must have spoiled her.


Care Bear said...

glad to help go finish those leggings...or oreos... :-)

Ellen said...

Hey! Sally wants a pair of those to take with her to BYUI next year! Get really good so that we can do that for her, okay? :)
Keep on going Mama, they are cute as can be!

Anonymous said...

No way Sally. You leave my mom alone. She'll be busy for YEARS with all the project requests from her own "spoiled" daughter.

They look fantastic. Little Man can't wait to get them...especially since he's not allowed to eat (or grow) until they arrive.

Anonymous said...
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Miss Muffin said...

Wow! These are awesome! So cute! I knit socks ... but these ... I think before I would have had them done my son probably would have left home to go to university ... :-D
What a great job! Your kids/ grandkids can be so proud of you!!!